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Hyperdata Solusindo Mandiri is an organization that is engaged in software development. We can build web-based and desktop software, we also offer software products that are ready to use.

Strategic Ability

System Analyst

We help analyzing , designing, and implementing information systems. Defines application problem by conferring with clients, evaluating procedures and processes. We can provides reference by writing documentation and validates result by testing programs. We will controls solution by establishing spesifications and coordinating production with our programmers.

Business Process Specialist

We evaluates the effectiveness of business processes and offers suggestions for improvement. Improvements can encompass companywide scenarios or specific employee-level issues. Whether large-scale or small, process improvements are expected to increase the company’s bottom line. To fulfill this primary purpose, these specialists are skilled in analyzing, quantifying, and otherwise measuring productivity.

Business Intelligence

Using data to figure out market and business trends for companies to increase profits and efficiency. We may work directly for a company or as a consultant. Business intelligence analysts gather this data through a number of ways, from mining a company's computer data through software, looking at competitor data and industry trends to help develop a picture of where the company stands in the industry, where we can improve and where we can reduce costs.

Document Management System

We are responsible for managing company documents while also ensuring their accuracy, quality and integrity. These specialists help companies adhere to record retention policies, safeguard information and retrieve data more effectively. As companies and organizations continue to work at becoming more eco-friendly and efficient, and as new laws and company guidelines are initiated to protect consumer and proprietary records, the need for more document control specialists is likely to increase in coming years.




HDS is a web-based and android application. Application that covers all distribution processes, from the approach to prospective customers to the follow-up process when the product has been installed at the customer's premises. HDS offers a chronology of distribution provided with a slick, making the report process and the dashboard can be made according to user needs. HDS can also able to collaborated with Power BI, so users can choose as many different types of report as desired.



HDS helps make the marketing process easier. All prospect's chronology can be recorded coherently. Starting from the approach stage until the deal stage with the customer can easily be reported via HDS. then communication between marketing teams will be easier, no need to crosscheck one by one, because in HDS everything can be recapitated anytime and anywhere. Uniquely, in the middle of this covid-19 pandemic, HDS can help users to keep working at home with features such as working in the field. Even at home, users can still report their work to the team, so the team can still follow each other up. Interesting, right?


Dashboard & Report

We also provide services for creating reports and dashboards. Presented with informative and effective to helping the companies to make decisions. Users can choose the report and dashboard they want. The report can processed from any data source according to user's request. Sounds Good!

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